We specialise in Compensation Law which means when it comes to interpreting the law and understanding the process for your situation, Withstand Lawyers is your law firm. We know the complexities of law well enough to explain it simply for you to understand so you can make the best decision that suits you.

With a solid speciality in Compensation law we are passionate in delivering our best to our clients.

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Team at Withstand Lawyers

Withstand Lawyers thrives on making a positive difference to our clients who are affected by difficult situations and sometimes catch-22s.

Our team comes from a diverse professional background including social work, psychological and sociological studies. This means whilst maintaining a passionate and ambitious attitude with the other party, we maintain a down-to-earth and calm way of thinking with our clients.

We use simple and easy-to-understand terms to explain the relevant law and legal process to our clients to enhance their result. Withstand Lawyers are able to assist you with your compensation law claims. Make an enquiry today on 1800 952 898


Meet the Director and Associates

Issa Rabaya

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein

Issa Rabaya believes the more complex your situation becomes, the simpler the advice should be. And true to his motto, he will simplify the law to ensure you understand.

Issa Rabaya, Director and Lawyer at Withstand Lawyers provides a solid wealth of experience surrounding Compensation and Immigration Law. Issa is admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia. With previous history practising at the largest litigation law firm in Australia, Issa understands the difficulties involved in not knowing where you stand legally. He understands that in a sudden minute one’s world can change entirely, whether it be by being injured or by your visa being refused. With that in mind, he ensures his clients understand the whole picture whilst providing advice at the highest level. You’re with a trusted professional who knows his Compensation & Immigration law and procedure, with an excellent work ethic to match.

Merve Rabaya

Merve, Senior Associate, brings a wealth of high level exposure to the firm. She previously worked for one of Australia’s largest compensation law firms. She is a diligent and caring Senior Lawyer. She is admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia. Merve ensures she listens whole heartedly to her clients before considering and providing the best legal advice possible to their circumstances. She is also highly organised to the point that her colleagues believe she is ‘to organised.’

Merve is committed, hardworking and dedicated to ensuring her clients receive the best possible result. She is known for her ability to have excellent communication skills with significant experience to match.

Standing With You

Withstand Lawyers is all about you understanding the law and helping you. Our law firm, with offices in Parramatta and Sydney, will simplify what you think may be the most compensation law issue. Call Withstand Lawyers at 1800 952 898 email us at info@withstandlawyers.com.au or send an online inquiry so we can assess your situation better.

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